Wireless Charging Phototherapy Silicone Facial Cleaner Skin Rejuvenation Photon Therapy Makeup Removal Face Deep Cleaning Device

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Power Source:Rechargeable Battery
Commodity Quality Certification:ce

Product features: color light,




Wireless charging stalls




Mode of operation: ultrasonic vibration




Color: pale pink, red, dark black.




Cleanser function introduction:




1. using the latest charging technology wireless charging, airframe sealing and waterproofing is better.




2, phototherapy, when cleaning your face, can also improve your skin and reduce wrinkles.




3, cleaning mode, the new cleanser has increased the top brush area, cleaning is more comprehensive and more labor-saving. Seven stalls with your choice, to give you a caring little housekeeper.




4, clean and phototherapy mode, 3 kinds of phototherapy mode plus cleaning mode, once the skin problem is solved!



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